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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Arizona is America's new Alamo

5/28: ""Arizona we feel is America's Alamo in the fight against illegal and dangerous entry into the United States," she said.
  • "Our border guards and all of Arizona law enforcement are undermanned, undergunned, taxed to the limit,
  • front-line defenders trying to hold back the invasion," Louden continued.

"We are calling on all America, from the president to every consumer to defend our Alamo in the best way that they have to do so," she said, which in this case means

  • supporting Arizona financially."...

from Arizona Daily Star, "Two Arizonans taking up SB1070 cause"

Friday, May 21, 2010

Cuban citizens must always show papers, can be removed by Castro if on part of island they don't belong

5/20: "Cuban citizens are required to carry identification with them wherever they go, and can be stopped by police and sent home if they are found in a part of the island where they don't belong....Cuban citizens are treated differently from other immigrants seeking a new home in the United States. Under America's "wet foot, dry foot" policy, any Cuban who reaches U.S. soil is automatically granted asylum. Those interdicted at sea are sent home."..."Cuban lawmakers denounce Arizona immigration law" AP

Canadian Immigration detains non-Canadian Major League Baseball players

5/20: ""There are certain offenses in Canada that are considered more major than they are in the United States," Orioles team travel coordinator Kevin Buck said. "Specifically, we were advised that things like So we've just got to be careful about making sure we're aware of anything that anybody in our traveling party might have in their past to prepare for it before we head north."... "The baseball players' association has
  • warned members with criminal convictions or arrests to contact the union before trying to enter Canada.

Doyle Pryor, a union assistant general counsel, sent a memo to agents Thursday titled

"Individuals who are not Canadian citizens may be detained at the border and, in certain cases may not be permitted to enter Canada at all,

  • if they have any sort of past criminal record," he wrote. "Recently, Canadian authorities have stepped up enforcement of these laws, resulting in several non-Canadian players traveling to Toronto with their teams being
  • detained at the border because of a past criminal record."

He warned that "even an arrest, conviction or suspended sentence many years ago for a minor crime, or a juvenile offense, can result in a border detention."

  • Three upcoming series at the Blue Jays are specified, involving Baltimore (May 28-30), Tampa Bay (May 31-June 2) and the New York Yankees (June 4-6).

"Disclosure of past criminal records can have potential employment ramifications for players, so you should advise players with such issues to contact the players' association for advice before disclosing any past criminal record to anyone else, including their traveling secretary or any other club official," Pryor wrote.

A pamphlet of information from Canadian immigration was attached to the memo.

  • "There are certain offenses in Canada that are considered more major than they are in the United States," Orioles team travel coordinator Kevin Buck said.
"Specifically, we were advised that things like DUI and that sort of thing are considered a felony in Canada. So we've just got to be careful about making sure we're aware of anything that anybody in our traveling party might have in their past to prepare for it before we head north.""Where are gangs of screaming protesters? Where is the ACLU? Where is Obama? ed

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Obama rep tells Communist China, Arizona is example of human rights failing in America

5/14/10, AP: "The United States and China reported no major breakthroughs Friday after only their second round of talks about human rights since 2002.
  • Michael Posner, the assistant secretary of state, told reporters that another round will happen some time next year.

Posner said in addition to talks on freedom of religion and expression, labor rights and rule of law, officials also discussed Chinese complaints about problems with U.S. human rights, which have included crime, poverty, homelessness and racial discrimination.

  • He (Posner) said U.S. officials

raised on its own a new immigration law in Arizona that requires police to ask about a person's immigration status if there is suspicion the person is in the country illegally."...

Obama and his reps, temporary employees of American citizens, freely go abroad and tell the world how bad we are. Apparently people are so passive today they find this acceptable. ed.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Machete wielding illegal aliens butcher 3 black students in NJ, decapitating a black woman

4/29/10: Trial underway. "It’s been nearly three years since three black college students (pictured below) were brutally murdered by Hispanic gangsters (at least some illegal aliens) in Newark, and the trial finally started this week. The sole survivor took the stand to testify about what happened when the four friends went to a local schoolyard to listen to music and hang out. Instead..., the women were sexually assaulted and hacked with machetes, and three
8/10/07: Newark, NJ: "A Peruvian national in the U.S. illegally and who was
  • previously charged with raping a 5-year-old girl pleaded not guilty
Friday in the execution-style slayings of three young college students, a day after he surrendered to the Newark mayor."...

When entering Mexico, you abide by their laws or be gone, beaten and raped

"“People come here because it’s better than the place they were in,” he said. “If that’s the case,
  • you should be adapting yourself to our ways.

  • We shouldn’t be adapting ourselves to your ways.”"
4/29/10, "Amnesty International cites abuse of migrants in Mexico"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Far left ABC Radio Network obviously attended US public schools and knows nothing about Nazis

ABC radio network hate speech stokes terror, ignores Rape Trees in Arizona. During their 10pm news break tonight they promoted the notion that Arizona's law could be compared to "Nazis." Those seeking balkanization cheer at ABC Radio Network's hate speech.

below actual Nazi death camp

bottom photo Buchenwald on average day. middle photo
from Atlas Shrugs

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Petition drives halted v Arizona law

"5/10, Phoenix: "The two proposed referendum drives challenging Arizona's new sweeping law targeting illegal immigration are being abandoned, organizers said Monday.
  • Andrew Chavez, a professional petition circulator involved in one of the efforts, said its backers pulled the plug after concluding they might not be able to time their petition filings in such a way as to put the law on hold pending a 2012 public vote.
Jon Garrido, the chief organizer of the other drive, attributed its end to a belief The law takes effect July 29 unless blocked by court action being sought under several pending legal challenges filed by civil-rights groups and others....
  • Chavez said his clients, whom he would not identify, launched the effort in the belief that they could put the law on hold until 2012 by not filing petition signatures until it was too late for state elections officials to place a referendum on the November ballot.
However, the backers decided over the weekend to end the referendum campaign when they concluded there still might be a November vote, not giving them enough time to be confident about being able to wage a successful campaign against the law, Chavez said....
  • Garrido, the chief organizer of the second referendum drive, said its backers abandoned it after
The constitutional provisions bar the Legislature from repealing a voter-approved law and only allow legislative changes that further the intent of the original law. "2 Arizona referendum drives targeting SB1070 dropped," AP, abc15 Phoenix, 5/10, via

Monday, May 10, 2010

Swat teams for American grannies, not for illegals

An estimated 5.5 million illegals are in the country on expired visas. They know the US government does not care, and would rather send out a swat team against a tax paying white haired lady holding a tea party sign.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Phoenix Suns tickets are apparently racist

Los Suns have too many rules and regulations about their tickets. It's unfair.

Big Media guns blaze against American people 12-1 on law to fight terror and organized crime in Arizona

  • Guns blazing, media yet again takes aim at the mere existence of the American people. The media is therefore America's number one enemy.
"Well, surprise, surprise. The Media Research Center released a study yesterday that says by a
  • margin of twelve to one,
Anyone who follows this site or others like it won’t find this figure shocking, but it does illustrate how a law in one individual state (remember that Federalism thing?) that’s quite popular with the American people can create such controversy. Guess it doesn’t really matter what the people think
So here’s how it works: the media takes a popular law that doesn’t fit perfectly with their PC mindset, they lie about it, rinse and repeat, get The Man himself to weigh in, and presto! The law
  • suddenly becomes “controversial.”

Now, there is a debate to be had on this law, and there is some inherent controversy in it to be sure, but the media hysteria certainly makes for a teachable moment in just how biased the media can be when they put their minds to it.

From the article:

"When political scientists compare populism and elitism, they could certainly find a test case in the new Arizona law on immigration enforcement. While Rasmussen found 70 percent of Arizonans favored the crackdown on illegal aliens, and new national media polls found majority support as well,

From April 23 to May 3, the top three television networks offered viewers 50 stories and interview segments on their morning and evening news programs. The tone was strongly hostile to the law and promotional to the “growing storm” of left-wing protesters: 37 stories (or 74 percent) were negative, 10 were neutral, and only three were positive toward the Arizona law’s passage

  • 12 negative stories for every one that leaned positive.

Cops were potential abusers of power. Entering the country illegally was not an abuse of power. It was portrayed as an honorable step by the powerless.

The soundbite count was also slanted, with 92 quotes against the law and only 52 in favor. The pro-law numbers, however, included many soundbites of Arizona public officials defending themselves against liberal charges that they were racists or in favor of racial profiling.

Read the full article here. " from 5/7, Frank Ross

Friday, May 7, 2010

If someone forces crime, poverty, suicide and homicide on you, it's a good sign they hate you

"Even more alarming, the jobs that many of these men, or those like them, once had in construction, factories and offices aren't coming back.A good that when the economy recovers five years from now, one in six men who are 25 to 54 will not be working,' Lawrence Summers, the president's economic adviser, said the other day....
  • It is clearly not in the economic interest of the United States or best interest of the American worker to increase immigrant labor at the low end of the employment spectrum when the market is already exhibiting an excess of supply over demand. Economic logic tells us that wages will fall,

  • poverty and idleness will rise, and as a result, welfare expenditures, family disintegration, and
  • crime will increase.
Since the President and his economic advisors know this, why would they champion a policy that will make so many American workers worse off? Can it be something as devious as the belief that an expanded underclass will vote Democrat, even if the Democrats put them in their impoverished state? "...American Thinker, 5/7, "The White House knows illegal immigration fuels unemployment"

Obama jokes about terror in Arizona, Governor Brewer: "No one in Arizona is laughing"

""Unfortunately John McCain couldn't make it,'' Obama said of his rival for the White House in 2008. "Recently he claimed that he had never identified himself as a maverick.
  • 'Adios amigos'"....
From Governor Brewer's video: "Far away from the border at the White House Correspondents Dinner, President Obama decided that Arizonas unsecured borders and illegal immigration crisis are a laughing matter. Unfortunately, no one in Arizona is laughing."

via gateway pundit

Governor Brewer cancels Napolitano Aussie street camera program

  • My first thought was cameras had to be a good idea. Granted, Napolitano set the deal up with a foreign company. The US can't even come up with its own system?
  • This article says one of the enforcers was murdered in a drive-by shooting. Compassion, a manipulation of language with suicide and homicide its logical outcome. ed.
"Arizona is ending a groundbreaking and contentious program that put speed cameras along Phoenix-area freeways and in vans deployed across the state.
  • Opponents have argued the cameras open the door for wider "Big Brother" surveillance and are more about making money than safety. The program has been the target of an initiative measure proposed for the November ballot.

Even Gov. Jan Brewer has said she doesn't like the cameras, and her intention to end the program was first disclosed in her January budget proposal. That was followed by a non-renewal letter sent by the Arizona Department of Public Safety this week to the private company that runs the program.

Scottsdale-based Redflex said Thursday that the 36 fixed cameras will be turned off and the 40 vans taken off highways on July 16, the day after its state contract expires.

The non-renewal letter was first reported by The Arizona Republic.

  • The camera program was instituted by Brewer's predecessor, Janet Napolitano, now the Homeland Security secretary. Cameras were introduced in September 2008 and were added until all 76 were up and running by January 2009.

Lawmakers considered repeal proposals within months, but set the issue aside and appealed for calmer debate when a passing motorist fatally shot a camera-van operator doing paperwork in his marked vehicle in April 2009.

  • The mobile and fixed cameras snap the photos of speeders going 11 mph or over the speed limit...

Napolitano estimated that the program would bring in $90 million revenue in its first year,

While hundreds of jurisdictions across the country use speed cameras and some states have limited programs using cameras in certain areas, Arizona's statewide deployment remained the widest state use of the technology.

  • The state's decision is a setback for supporters of speed-enforcement cameras, said Jonathan Adkins, a spokesman for the Washington-based Governors Highway Safety Association.

"We need to look and see what happened in Arizona why didn't it work," he said.

  • Shawn Dow, a leader of the initiative campaign, welcomed the decision to end the program but said the drive's organizers still plan to file petition signatures on the July 1 deadline to qualify it for the November ballot.

The end of the state program does not affect local governments' use of cameras for speed enforcement, but

  • the proposed ballot measure would prohibit state and local governments from using cameras for both speed violations and red-light running. " (AN EXAMPLE OF SUICIDE AND HOMICIDE UNDER THE GUISE OF SOMETHING SWEET. ed)

(CONTINUING) ap: "Redflex, a unit of Australia-based Redflex Holdings Ltd., said in a disclosure to the Australian Securities Exchange that it could write off $5 million of assets because of the program's end. Under the state's contract, Redflex supplies cameras, vans and other equipment.

  • Department of Public Safety officials declined to comment on the contract or to immediately release the letter. Redflex quoted the letter as saying the non-renewal reflected "a change in the agency's focus."

The end of the program will be a disappointment, Redflex spokeswoman Shoba Vaitheeswaran said. She said it comes as the program continued to mature, with improvements being made in court processing procedures and other areas....

  • Joanna Peters, a Phoenix traffic-safety activist, called the Brewer administration's decision irresponsible.

"They're ignoring a silent majority of folks who actually support the program," Peters said. "This is something we could fix, not just throw out the baby.""


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